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Deterministic Models

Dr. Emily Stone
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Montana

Office Hours: Mon 2-3, Tues 1-2, Wed. 12-1, Fri. 11-12

Syllabus: 414 syllabus in PDF
Project Instruction Sheet

Maple Demo on Slopefields
Maple Demo on linear 2D systems
Maple Demo on non-linear 2D systems

Solutions to Test 1
Solutions to Test 2
Solutions to Selected HW 4 Problems

Solutions to Lab 3
Solutions to Lab 4
Solutions to Lab 5
Solutions to Lab 6
Solutions to Lab 7

Link to IDE website
Lab 1 worksheet
Lab 2 worksheet
Lab 3 worksheet
Lab 4 worksheet
Lab 5 worksheet
Lab 6 worksheet
Lab 7 worksheet

Link to pop-can compression demo website
Link to MIT ODE lecture on limit cycles

This week in Deterministic Models

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